Calculus Capital was a shareholder in one of South Africa's largest food producers until the investment was realised through a sale to a large listed SA company in 2013. However, the appetite for this space remained, but with a desire to get into a differentiated space and one with large growth potential. In this regard, Calculus Capital was an initial shareholder in Real Foods (Pty) Ltd, which is being used as a vehicle through which to house the food-related activities of Calculus Capital. Real Foods is a multi-brand food group with a dedication to natural food, innovation, social responsibility and integrity.

The investment philosphy of Real Foods is to invest in businesses that either use or produce high quality and natural ingredients that are free of chemicals or preservatives, and to build up a group that will remain at the foreront of consumer wellness. Real Foods is a local pioneer of the global trend towards health and wellness, and aims to be the leader in natural food in SA.