The Media interests of Calculus Capital are based within North America, operating in both direct marketing and media, as well as media representation for third parties.


Gen Media Partners is Calculus Capital's media holding company in the USA with controlling stakes in the businesses mentioned below.

Local Focus is a media representation firm that focuses on smaller markets. Local Focus represents more than 350 stations. The firm is noted for its tools to maximize the power of radio for advertisers, including its RapidRate system, event marketing experience and its DJ Lifestyle Network, which helps match marketers with radio personalities best-suited to represent the brands both on-air and in social media.


The HRN Network reaches 94% of U.S. Hispanic households across more than 350 radio stations with a strong presence in the top 10 markets. Exclusive HRN programming in Women's Empowerment, Sports, Entertainment, Music, and News targets specific Hispanic consumer interests, and HRN's Hispanic market specialists help advertisers craft and target their messages to the many sub-sets of the Hispanic community. Consistent with the Gen Media Partners approach, HRN's turn-key marketing plans deliver top-of-the-line promotional opportunities for deeper consumer engagement across multiple touchpoints. The HRN Network features one of the most powerful radio and audio streaming networks, reaching U.S. Hispanics where they spend most of their time: radio, mobile, and social.


Mcgavren Guild Malls is an independent media representation firm, focused on in-mall media. The company has partnered with a broad group of mall developers across North America, providing advertisers with various media exposure options across multiple malls. The business has successfully completed some of the largest media activations campaign in US and Canadian malls, and signals the company's ability to capitalise on the momentum built from prior years' achievements. In line with further anticipated growth, and to service clients effectively, the sales team has been expanded and national infrastructure enhanced.

McGavren Guild Media is an independent media representation company focused on selling broadcast properties for the radio industry. The business represents 579 stations in 174 markets across the USA, with the head office in New York City.

The management team has decades of experience at a senior level in the industry, across both radio stations and radio media representation. The company also owns a specialist political representation business to supplement the service offering to its clients. This acquisition has proven highly successful in creating a further revenue stream through political advertising spend for radio station clients.